Actor Headshot Photography Bradenton

As an actor or model, your headshot is the first thing a casting director sees when you submit yourself for a role. It absolutely vital to have an accurate and compelling representation of yourself in order to make a great impression.

By choosing Yaeko Photography, you can get help accenting your natural beauty to make your image pop off the page. We will focus on highlighting your eyes, smile, and other facial areas so that your best features are promoted. We’ll also help you to develop the proper expressions and posture depending on what look or mood you want to create.

Neutral Backdrops for Stunning Contrast

All of our headshots are shot against neutral color backdrops to make sure they don’t take away from you being the focal point of the photo. Typically, this includes grays, silvers, whites, or a lightly colored backdrop. By using this type of neutral palette, we can also ensure that your hair, skin tone, and jaw line look their absolute best. We also photograph headshot in Bradenton and Sarasota on location. We like to keep the actor in focus and the background out of focus. This brings all the attention and detail to you and your headshot.

Retouching to Get Your Look Just Right

Even with makeup, you still might not be achieving the exact look you want. Sometimes acne, wrinkles, or even flyaway hairs can detract from the beauty and elegance of a headshot. Luckily, we offer a number of retouching services to help remove these problems. We can make skin look smooth and even, alter a photo to make sure you look age-appropriate without appearing too old or too young, or edit out flyaways. Overall, our goal is to produce a natural-looking image that will highlight the best aspects of your look.

Style Advice for the Perfect Portrait

While we can’t control the clothing you wear during a shoot, we can make suggestions. Generally, the best clothing for a headshot is something that is neutral and age-appropriate. You don’t want your outfit to overpower or distract from your face. Make sure all clothing is clean and fits well so that you can truly stun in your portrait. For both women and men, sometimes a tank top is a good option, as it can highlight your neck and shoulders without being too revealing. If you’re uncertain, bring several options to your session and we can help you narrow it down.

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